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“Welcome to Taikun! A mystical world designed to stimulate your senses. Embark on a sensory exploration where taste reigns supreme. With an all-encompassing menu of seemingly endless options, no palette will be left disappointed. Whether choosing something light and savory or something a bit heartier our menu can cater to your every craving. We strive to inspire our guests with not only a high regard of culinary distinction but a fun, innovative and exciting voyage.”


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  • mehri aberi
    mehri aberi
    2 weeks ago

    I stayed at this hotel with my sister for 6 nights since April 16. The staff's treatment with the guests, breakfast, and cleanliness were all excellent. Yes, there is no access to public transportation, the first metro station near the hotel was about 20 minutes walk and we had to use a taxi to get around. Thank you Hilton Hotel for this memorable stay

  • Bence
    3 weeks ago

    Near to the center of Dubai, this tall hotel offers a luxury experience. With night pooling and large food options you can enjoy yourself outside of your room. This hotel is attached to 2 more hotels so ground floor can be a bit of labyrinth. The staff were nice and friendly, but we had sometimes a bit of a communication issue. The room was huge and comfortable, this was the first place where our minibar was not filled at our Dubai trip. It gives a bit of an old school vibe, but I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the hearth of Dubai and doesn’t want to travel a lot.

  • Nouv Deco
    Nouv Deco
    2 weeks ago

    very luxurious, a very nice hotel in a very good location, next to a very large river well decorated with lights. a 32-story building, therefore a surprising magnificent view. the very friendly, helpful and welcoming staff and the cheap prices, frankly it's worth going there for a good stay with friends at that price.

  • Madhan Raj Kanagarathinam

    I would definitely not recommend this hotel if you are an asian. I see a clear discrimination in their response if it's someone from Europe or US compared to Indian subcontinent. The rooms were good. No doubt about it. However, the staffs need to learn how to respect everyone equally.

  • Marc de GIBON
    Marc de GIBON
    a month ago

    A nice place in Dubai, quite central, easy to navigate in town. Rooms are clean and well furbish. Service is great. only Caveat for me, it's a big place, crowed of people.

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