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Vibrant nobby yet true Izakaya Soon is located in Armada Tower 2 in JLT — one of the largest residential areas in new Dubai. Soon isn’t breaking the original code of genuine Tokyo-raised Izakaya, routing to the origins of the sake stay-in-drink and eat shops but is following a strip-and-build approach by delicately infusing the new age meanings focusing on mixology, music, and lighting design. Soon is inspired by Japanese anime and cartoons, 1980s aesthetics, gaming and karaoke culture. This Izakaya is created by the OY Hospitality, whose main goal is to develop venues for local abos, who search for new dining experience. Combining veritable Japanese cuisine with neoteric pop culture, Soon becomes a completely new go out destinations for foodies, socialites, party fans and cocktail lovers.



Reviews (5)

2.8 out of 5.0
Service 2.8
Value for Money 2.8
Location 2.8
Food 2.8
  • Avani Nema
    10/04/2024 at 20:50

    Loved the food and the ambience. Great hospitality, everyone is very welcoming and sweet.
    Lot or variety in food and drinks overall really good experience.

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  • Rashi
    17/03/2024 at 20:22

    This place is sooo horrible it is unbelievable. The worst service in the Middle East I can vouch for. It is going to shut down super soon and with their current manager it is just fast tracking the process.
    The service was so bad and the manager was super rude and arrogant. Did not understand a single word of English kept on repeating the same sentence like a brainless person. They don’t have any drinks that are mentioned in the menu. On ordering 2 glasses of wine they got out a bottle which was different from the menu and said we only have this leftover wine. The place was empty for a reason. Would recommend someone who likes getting alcohol poisoning to go here. They will serve you fake alcohol different from what is mentioned in the menu god knows how old and oxidized. If the dubai food and beverage authority is reading this would request you to interrogate immediately before someone reaches the hospital. Special mention to the rude manager Yadira who arrogantly argues with her customers to drink contaminated alcohol which is off the menu and who asks the guests to leave when they ask for what is mentioned on the menu.

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  • Chetan Mehra
    11/12/2023 at 20:45

    Mediocre place. Nothing fancy about the decor nor the food.

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  • Razan Niazi
    25/10/2023 at 10:24

    too loud, too cold, the sound system was unclear, the vibe and music were off (Even when people got up to dance the dj changed his music and they left), the food was ok – only the fried rice was great

    the great this is really good service by the staff

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  • Lena AZ
    21/07/2023 at 22:43

    The service and decor are great! The alcohol list also seemed interesting and we had some good options off it.

    The negatives for me were the price point for food vs quality. We ordered the premium sushi platter and found it pretty underwhelming in terms of quality of the fish and flavor

    The crab udon was fine as well as the beef tongue. Again the price point didn’t match the flavor or size of serving. For example the tomato and tofu salad was tiny for price.

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