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Georgian mother… It is sincerity, hospitality and delicious food at any time. Even if you are a casual passer-by who suddenly appears on her doorstep, a real Georgian mother is happy for you, like a child.

Lali, Tako, Nino, Suliko or Nani – no matter what the Georgian mother’s name is, she will definitely have warm hugs and a lot of delicious food.

Taste loose khachapuri, tender khinkali with juicy meat in spicy broth, spicy and hot, like the character of a mountaineer, food…

Don’t know what to choose? Do not rush. Order Georgian wine and enjoy the anticipation of the extravaganza of tastes – bright as life itself.

If you are calm, like at home, and delicious, like your mother, you are in Dedikò.

Dediko is your Georgian home!



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