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Argentina Grill is a meat restaurant located in Obolon. The menu is dominated by Argentinean cuisine, which originates in Italy and Spain, where the basis of any traditional dish is meat. In addition to meat dishes, the restaurant offers visitors a variety of fish and seafood dishes, and a large selection of salads. The author’s meat is cooked on a grill or in a Josper.

The alcoholic list includes the best Argentinian and Chilean wines. Guests can also order a variety of desserts or enjoy a hookah.

Argentina Grill in Obolon is one of the restaurants of the famous chain of Kyiv establishments, which are famous for their exquisite Argentinian cuisine and high quality service. This place is quite fun, and therefore suitable for any occasion. People come here in the company of friends, some take the whole large and friendly family here, some prefer to hold romantic meetings here, and some hold business meetings.

The special coziness and homelike hospitality are emphasized by subdued lighting. Many wooden decorations are used as a decor; in general, the interior is quite simple, but not without a claim to sophistication. So, in some places the walls are lined with bricks, and in some places with wooden beams, on the walls you can also see the stretched skin of an unknown animal.



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