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Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

On Monday 30th January 2023, the Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants returned for a second edition, with a brand-new rating unveiled at a live awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi.

This year’s list includes restaurants from 14 cities, with 15 interesting new additions. Discover which restaurant won the title of Best Restaurant in the Middle East and North Africa 2023 by perusing the ranking’s 50 pictures.

Note: This blog is written and created by AI

No.50 : Bonjiri – Salmiya

Inspired with the aid of using her love for Japanese subculture and culinary traditions, Maryam Alnusif – or ‘Mimi’ to individuals who understand her – based Bonjiri as a fowl and duck yakitori spot in Kuwait’s Salmiya district in December 2021. The idea joined her current ramen shop, Tampopo.

No.49 : Hakkasan – Abu Dhabi

Hakkasan, created via way of means of ground-breaking restaurateur Alan Yau, started out existence in London however has considering that sprawled over the arena with branches in glamorous worldwide hotspots including Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai and, of course, Abu Dhabi.

No.48 : HaBasta – Tel Aviv

HaBasta (in Hebrew, a stand in the market) is placed in one of the corners of the Carmel shuk, Tel Aviv’s primary and largest marketplace. The eating place is an Israeli hybrid among a marketplace eating place and a chef’s eating place – one you could come dine in for unique activities or for decadent lunches. They make it to Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.

No.47 : 13C Bar in the Back – Amman

Inspired by the Mediterranean with recommendations of the Levant, the menu gives small izakaya-fashion plates. Standout dishes encompass grape molasses eggplant, blade steak with za’atar bearnaise and a fusion of panko falafel with katsu curry sauce. Want some thing particular with dinner? Head into the wine store withinside the the front and produce it again to experience your food. Alternatively, choose a number of the flights or pairings for a curated experience.

No.46 : +61 – Marrakech

+61 is an area wherein pristine components and unique cooking increase easy meals into some thing wonderful, and suave provider gives you a degree of consolation that may handiest come approximately while the humans worried absolutely care. They made it to Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.

No.45 : Reif Kushiyaki – Cairo 

Cairo’s Reif Kushiyaki is the primary franchise of the Dubai-born, Japanese-stimulated outlet for skewered grills, kushi being the Japanese phrase for skewers. The brainchild of Reif Othman, the eating place is an ode to robatayaki, a century-antique fireplace cooking approach popularized via way of means of fishermen withinside the north of Japan. But withinside the Egyptian capital, it is a own circle of relatives affair: anyone is welcome.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.44 : Jun’s – Dubai

While the word ‘fusion’ can strike worry withinside the hearts of many a gourmand, this melding of North American, Indian and Asian flavours one way or the other appears to work. The menu nearly looks like a smorgasbord of the chef’s existence so far, however all of it blends right into a cohesive whole. Diners can locate dishes which include lamb koobideh tsukune and tempura za’atar chaat, along truffle gunpowder dosa cauliflower and kung pao tofu. There also are lots of alternatives for vegan and vegetarian diners.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.43 : Zuma – Abu Dhabi

Arriving at Zuma Abu Dhabi on Al Maryah Island is an adventure in itself. From the outside, it looks like just a small room, but down the stairs, diners enter the cave where the restaurant is located. After a few levels, it’s no surprise that the views from the restaurant of the water surrounding the island are spectacular. The tables are right next to the floor to ceiling windows, so diners feel like they are on the edge of the Persian Gulf.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.42 : White Robata – Kuwait City (The Best Restaurant in Kuwait 2023)

Chef Basil Al Salem specializes in perfecting the Japanese term robatayaki (abbreviated as robata), which means “yak cooking” in Japanese. His diverse menu consists of several sections, offering unique fire-cooked dishes to share, such as a six-hour braised short rib finished with a maple-crusted barbecue finish. For those looking for something raw, the raw counter offers a modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine, including gamey spicy tuna tacos and truffle machi crispy rice with tobiko wet and ponzu. Come experience the licks of fire and flavors of Japan at Chef Basil Al Salem’s robatayaki restaurant.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.41 : Alee – Amman

Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of traditional Levantine cuisine with every bite of Ghzaw’s innovative and playful dishes. Every plate is a window into his childhood experiences, from the savory fermented paprika atop tabu bread with sujok, to the Armenian entrée salad made from pickled grape leaves, puffed bulgur and fermented pomegranate. For a truly distinctive experience, try kibbeh nayeh with its accompanying peas, garlic and pickled onions, or indulge in his signature dish, roasted cauliflower with licorice puree and capers – the dish that crowned Ghzaw the winner of Top Chef Arabia 2019.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.40 : Milgo & Milbar – Tel Aviv

Experience the perfect blend of luxury and liveliness at our fine-dining restaurant. Our sophisticated white tablecloths, button-down shirts and aprons on our waiters create a delightful ambiance that is ideal for a special night out. In our dining hall, the lively music, the jingles of the bell, and the energy of the staff creates an enjoyable atmosphere. If you choose to sit at the open bar, you can watch the delicious dishes being prepared from the kitchen to the plate in front of you–it’s a treat for all of the senses!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.39 : Sesamo – Marrakech

Chefs Alajmo and Ghedini bring the true essence of Venice to the table with classic dishes that are bursting with flavor. Let your taste buds be tantalized by savory crispy langoustine rolls, hand-chopped Piedmontese beef patty with white truffle, and saffron risotto with eel gremolata and beetroot sorbet. For an unforgettable dining experience, try the chef’s grilled lobster with slaw millefeuille, mango mayonnaise and hemp seeds. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with these culinary delights made with Venetian influences and flavors!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.38 : LPM – Riyadh

Since 2007, LPM has been delighting customers with its South of France-inspired cuisine. Now bringing its reputation to the Saudi capital, local customers familiar with its London and Dubai locations have been eager to welcome its arrival. Located prominently in the illustrious Mandarin Oriental AlFaisaliah Hotel, LPM has a high-end dining experience that surpass the expectations of its sister restaurants. Make LPM the next stop on your list to experience delectable dishes in a luxury atmosphere.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.37 : Iloli – Casablanca

Experience a blend of Moroccan and Japanese cuisine like never before with Furukawa’s unique menu. Enjoy the best of both worlds with dishes like Dakhla oyster with pesto and wakame seaweed, Paitan ramen with its deeply flavored chicken bone broth, and harumaki lamb stir-fried with mint and karashi mustard. All made with high-quality, fresh ingredients like Atlantic seafood, farm-fresh produce, preserved lemon, and much more. Plus, don’t be afraid to give their Omakase menu a try, letting their expert chefs curate a special selection just for you. Experience the flavors of Morocco and Japan right here at Iloli!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.36 : Sufra – Amman

Sufra is a family-style restaurant specializing in the flavorful, slow-cooked fukharats clay soup. Along with this classic Bedouin specialty, you can also enjoy other dishes, such as fawaregh ma’anyeh, stuffed lamb chops and quail roasted over an open fire. For a truly indulgent Levantine experience, enjoy our selection of cold and hot appetizers or gather round for a selection of grilled meats served for sharing. Come and experience the unique taste of fukharats at Sufra!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.35 : 11 Woodfire – Dubai

Dine in and be captivated by the smoky, seductive smell of hickory and pine that fills the room. Enjoy the highest quality ingredients grilled to perfection and savor the succulent meats, seafood, and vegetables in every dish! Make sure to try the special wagyu burger, smothered in gouda cheese and sriracha, and the tantalizing goat cheese charred cheesecake; both are sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. Discover fire-made flavor that you won’t find anywhere else – no smoke without fire!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.34 : La Closerie – Tunis (The Best Restaurant in Tunisia 2023)

Transform La Closerie into an unforgettable experience! Nestled in the beautiful seaside town of La Marsa, La Closerie is a luxurious modern villa providing the best of both worlds. Enjoy lively music from DJs and live bands most nights of the week, surrounded by towering palm trees and accompanied by two connected swimming pools. Indulge in exquisite Italian cuisine with a focus on the south of France that will keep you coming back for more. Relax and have some chic fun in an atmosphere that rivals that of LA!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.33 : Coya – Abu Dhabi

Experience gastronomic delights at Coya Abu Dhabi, where notable dishes like grilled lobster with bomba rice, Amarillo chili, saffron aioli and Oscietra caviar or flame-roasted cimber with beetroot and pumpkin aioli tantalize your taste buds. For an unmissable dining experience, don’t miss out on Coya’s sumptuous Saturday Brunch. Enjoy starters like guacamole and chips or maki rolls before savoring enticing entrees such as slow-cooked prime rib or roast corn-fed chicken with panca chili. and now listed in Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.32 : Animar – Tel Aviv

Animar is an upscale yet relaxed fine dining restaurant, offering magnificent panoramic views of Tel Aviv Beach from its large windows. With a carefully blended atmosphere of comfortable music and interior design, Animar restaurant offers a truly unique and inviting experience.
Chef Hillel Tavakuli, with his culturally diverse background of Jewish-Persian-Libyan cookery, has created a divine menu full of flavors from his own home, mixed with Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. With every dish, an intriguing combination of taste and presentation is experienced – an elegant, intelligent culinary journey for your senses.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.31 : Masso – Manama

Inspired by the beautiful French Riviera and the Amalfi Coast, Masso has crafted an exquisite dining experience that captures the essence of contemporary cuisine from Italy to the Mediterranean and beyond. The vision behind the concept has been realized by renowned chef Steeven Gilles, whose passion for food was ignited from a young age. At the tender age of 1, Gilles found himself working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the world, allowing him to hone his craft and acquire the knowledge of a variety of recipes and techniques. Growing up and travelling to many destinations, Chef Gilles developed a unique and innovative approach to the culinary experience, creating truly spirited dishes to tantalize the palate.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.30 : Sachi – Cairo

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a visit to Sachi. Our serene interior, comfortable seating, and elegant black tables create an intimate and chic atmosphere. Our menu is filled with dishes inspired by flavors from the Mediterranean coast. Start off with our irresistible appetizers such as beef tatataki with sweet soy and mushrooms and octopus carpaccio with ginger and lemongrass. For the main course, indulge in the Chateaubriand steak for two: our succulent South African beef served with roasted vegetables and your choice of three sauces. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.29 : Shams El Balad – Amman

Qais Malhas began his journey as a chef when he started up a breakfast cafe with a unique menu that focused on traditional seasonal dishes that you wouldn’t find at most restaurants. Soon enough, word got out about the café, and it quickly grew in popularity, transforming into a full-service restaurant. The menu now includes delicious dishes such as green labneh, beetroot falafel, sumac eggplant, cauliflower mshata, and spicy cheese. Not to mention, you must try their freshly-made bread made from local heritage wheat flour. To top off your meal, don’t forget to treat yourself to the dates and rose man’oo hehes – they’re simply scrumptious!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.28 : Coya – Dubai

In 2015, Coya may not have been the first Peruvian restaurant to open in Dubai, but it certainly has made a lasting impression. With its distinct restaurant, lounge, pisco bar, and private members club, this unique concept appeals to a broad cross-section of diners and pleasure-seekers alike. Located in the bustling Four Seasons Restaurant Village with Nusr-Et as a neighbor, Coya has continued to enthrall the city’s social crowd – no mean feat in a city as trend-driven as Dubai. It’s success can undoubtedly be attributed to its constant renewal, lively atmosphere, and sizzling cultural offerings.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.27 : La Grande Table Marocaine – Marrakech (The Best Restaurant in Morocco 2023)

Since taking over as executive chef of La Grande Table Marocaine in 2008, French legend Yannick Alléno and his team, led by chef Karim Ben Baba, have redefined fine dining in Morocco. Through their revolutionary approach, they have blown open the doors on the country’s culinary heritage and set out to showcase not only beloved dishes such as cooked salads, tagine, and couscous, but also the hidden gems of traditional Moroccan home cooking and historic outdoor dishes.
By combining the finesse of French cooking with local flavors and the audacity of a visionary, Alléno and his team have transformed the idea of Moroccan cuisine by creating bold, inventive dishes that evoke the mysterious beauty of Arabian Nights – all without resorting to cliches. Rather, their creations authentically capture the essence of time and place, establishing themselves among the best of Moroccan cuisine.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.26 : Hoseki – Dubai

Soak up the unforgettable sights, sounds and tastes of award-winning knife skills and culinary arts in an intimate space with only nine tables, each carefully placed on a sleek wooden counter. Marvel at the incredible Dubai skyline outside, framed by a window in the newly-refurbished fourth-floor dining area of the Bvlgari Hotel Dubai. The room may be limited, but the finely-crafted cuisine has no boundaries. Now you see it in Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.25 : Cut by Wolfgang Puck – Manama

Experience one of eight signature Cut by Wolfgang Puck restaurants located at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. Founded by the acclaimed Austrian-American chef and restaurateur, Cut offers an exquisite contemporary American steakhouse experience with premium patties and breathtaking 180-degree views of Manama. Enjoy a truly special culinary journey today.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.24 : A by Yuval Ben Neriah – Tel Aviv

Chef Yuval Ben Neriah has established himself as one of Tel Aviv’s foremost culinary stars. In 2013, he opened the highly acclaimed Mediterranean restaurant, Taizu, and injected it with elements of authenticity from Asian street food. After investing three years of intensive planning and refining his concept, 2022 saw the birth of “A”, his ultra-modern, produce-based Japanese restaurant that offers dishes crafted with deadly precision. With his signature blend of regional flavors and textures, Yuval Ben Neriah strives to redefine the Tel Aviv dining scene.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.23 : Marble – Riyadh

When Marble first opened its doors, it only operating four days a week with limited hours each day. Its menu was small but its flavors were bold, each main course cooked and served to perfection. Its loyal customers kept coming back for more, and when Marble announced special pop-up dining experiences, their patrons were always quick to follow. Now, Marble has become a destination for foodies seeking great meals with uncompromising quality. You can count on our commitment to excellence with each and every visit.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.22 : Sachi – Giza

Experience the luxury and sophistication of Baky Hospitality in Sheikh Zayed City at Sachi. Located on Park Street, Sachi’s rooftop restaurant serves up exceptional Mediterranean-style appetizers such as tarama, stracciatella cheese, and octopus carpaccio. Sample the signature dish – crispy slow-cooked ribs with a pistachio miso and chateaubriand served with semi-roasted vegetables. For raw fish lovers, there is a selection of fresh salmon steak, ceviche, and sushi! Enjoy the flavors of Southern Europe to Japan here at Sachi, and experience culinary excellence in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.21 : LPM – Dubai

LPM is a trailblazing member of the Dubai food scene, having opened its doors over a decade ago and remaining one of the city’s most sought-after destinations to this day. Its stellar reputation is well deserved, offering exquisite ingredients, time-honoured recipes, and a warm welcome that make you a frequent visitor no matter how long it has been since your last visit. Plus, you’ll always find the best people watching here too!
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.20 : Em Sherif – Beirut

Em Sherif is the ultimate Lebanese dining experience, providing guests a unique culinary journey through the rich traditions of the country in a truly luxurious setting. Bright chandeliers and ornate fountains provide a stunning backdrop to the delightful aromas coming from the kitchen, while live Arabic music adds a magical ambience. With a menu showcasing the very best in Lebanese home cooking, guests will enjoy a truly flavorsome journey through the native products of this vibrant nation.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.19 : Tawlet Mar Mikhael – Beirut

Tawlet’s weekly rotating menu transports you on a culinary journey to the beautiful and diverse Lebanese cuisine, offering a delightful selection of regional delicacies from all corners of the country. Sample traditional tabbouleh from Kfardlekous in the north or indulge in the Ammiq’s fat salad from the west, packed with a mix of fresh vegetables, crunchy radishes and juicy tomatoes. Every dish is served on a large platter, allowing you to help yourself to a variety of flavors – perfect for any social gathering or special occasion.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.18 : Myazu – Riyadh (The Best Restaurant in Saudi Arabia 2023)

Myazu is the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts looking to experience a fusion of traditional and modern pan-Asian cuisine. Our talented chefs expertly craft delectable dishes that tantalize the senses with their lush textures, fragrant aromas and bold, vibrant flavors. Our flagship restaurant has quickly become a popular destination in the area and our loyal customers come back time and time again to enjoy the tantalizing treats only found here. If you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience that blends the finesse of classic Asian cooking with the flair of modern fusion, look no further than Myazu. And they are listed in Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.17 : Gaia – Dubai

Gaia’s unique tavern-like atmosphere and timeless décor set it apart from the other restaurants in the area. Its natural white tones and monochrome artwork on the walls create a tranquil and inviting ambiance, while its outdoor seating dedicated to the Greek islands offers a hint of Mediterranean bliss. No matter where you choose to sit, you can revel in its singular atmosphere and delightful cuisine.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.16 : Baron – Beirut (The Best Restaurant in Lebanon 2023)

Welcome to Baron, a hidden gem nestled in the creative streets of Mar Mikhael, Beirut. Sustainability is our top priority; all of our ingredients are freshly sourced from local markets, farmers and fishermen. Our cozy, minimalistic decor allows you to relax while enjoying the best seats in the house at the bar, where you can watch our talented team working in the open kitchen. Visit us soon and experience the authentic flavor of our city.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.15 : Lowe – Dubai

Singaporean chef Ali Shiddique is a true master of his craft. After helping to open 11 Woodfire, which will debut on the list in 2023, he has taken on a brand new challenge at Lowe’s: Passport. Here, Ali skillfully combines his culinary creativity with the restaurant’s deep-rooted sustainability, resulting in Passport winning the 2022 Sustainable Restaurant Award. Ali is proud to be a part of such an innovative space and remain at the forefront of sustainable cooking. As you see Lowe listed in Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.14 : OCD Restaurant – Tel Aviv

Chef Raz Rahav’s unique “progressive Israeli cooking” concept is something that transcends traditional labels like European or Middle Eastern cuisine. At OCD Restaurant, Rahav has crafted a menu that reflects the best of the global pantry while pushing the boundaries of Israeli gastronomy. Through his innovative recipes and expertly selected ingredients, Rahav is redefining what it means to specialize in Israeli cooking. Come try his progressive Israeli cuisine and discover what makes it truly stand out from the rest.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.13 : Zuma – Dubai

Experience an explosion of flavor when you dine at Zuma – the premier Japanese fusion restaurant. Utilizing the very best of Japanese culinary techniques and ingredients with a dash of Western glamour, Zuma offers something extraordinary – a truly revolutionary dining experience. The skillful team of chefs use their in-depth knowledge of Asian cooking to craft innovative dishes that combine entirely new flavors and textures. From traditional sushi to daring fusion creations, Zuma has created its own unique canon for modern Japanese cuisine. Treat yourself to the luxury of extraordinary flavors and an unparalleled dining experience.

No.12 : Kazoku – Cairo

Kazoku, which means “family”, offers guests an authentic and traditional culinary experience from Japan’s long established and respected culinary heritage. Founded by entrepreneur Ayman Baky, this restaurant is dedicated to honoring and remembering “the people”. The warm interior and hospitable team set the perfect tone for this classic yet welcoming eatery.
Under the amazing and talented direction of Chef Mostafa Gabr, the menu offers an exciting selection of dishes sure to please. Enjoy tantalizing starters such as the five spice half chicken and Thai red curry, or perhaps the grilled sea bass with tomato and grilled shrimp with hot rice and seaweed with yuzu. For an exotic twist, try the Kazoku Pyramid uramaki rolls featuring prawn tempura, asparagus and carrot. And for a sweet finish, experience the mouth watering dessert bento box, including a chocolate and caramel fondue, semi-freddo, and matcha brulée. Let Kazoku transport you to the distinctive flavors of Japanese cuisine with something special for every taste bud.

No.11 : Reif Kushiyaki – Dubai

Award-winning Chef Reif Othman put his stamp on the Dubai dining scene when he opened up his own restaurant in 2019. Reif, who has been a resident of the city for the past 10 years, is a highly acclaimed Singaporean chef who has perfected various cuisines at high-end venues such as Zuma, Play and Billionaire Mansion. With his own restaurant, he has been able to express his creativity, offering diners a unique and unparalleled dining experience. Food enthusiasts have responded enthusiastically to Reif’s culinary genius, heralding him as the 2022 Chef’s Choice Award winner.

No.10 : Moonrise – Dubai

Treat yourself to a unique dining experience with Moonrise, the hottest booking ticket in the city! Founded by Dubai-bred chef Solemann Haddad, Moonrise only has eight tables for two nightly seatings, offering an exquisite eight-course tasting menu crafted by an immensely passionate and hardworking team. Every plate is made from only the freshest ingredients, guaranteeing a truly exceptional dining experience. Secure your seat now – and be sure to taste the flavors of Moonrise for yourself!

No.9 : Zooba (Zamalek) – Cairo (The Best Restaurant in Egypt 2023)

In 2012, when the world was on the brink of a street food revolution, Egypt was missing from the conversation. This is why Egyptian-American businessman Chris Khalifa teamed up with Estrella Damm N.A. and Chefs’ Choice Award winner Moustafa Elrefaey to open Zooba in 2012 – to introduce a new, refined take on street food, rich with flavor and color. With Moustafa’s training in the United States combined with Chris’ Egyptian background, Zooba brought Egyptian cuisine to the global arena and started a revolution in the street food scene.

No.8 : Fakhreldin – Amman (The Best Restaurant in Jordan 2023)

Treat yourself to the Fakhreldin experience, where fine-dining meets genuine hospitality. Our service style is grounded in the Jordanian spirit of generosity, and we strive to make every visit unique and tailored to each diner. Our waiters know your preferences, from how you like your meal served to how you take your coffee at the end – regulars don’t even need to order. Enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you feel treated like family. Come for the food, stay for our unparalleled hospitality.

No.7 : Kinoya – Dubai 

If you’re looking to sample some delicious ramen and izakaya in Kinoya, you won’t want to miss Misra’s specialty–ramen! After all, thousands of people have seen her craft noodles from scratch on social platforms. So when you visit, try the shio painted ramen–it’s the first bowl Misra made when she began, and it’s definitely a signature. And for an extra special treat, try the wagyu tsukune. It’s consistently excellent and never fails to impress. Come by and indulge your cravings today!

No.6 : George & John – Tel Aviv (The Best Restaurant in Israel 2023)

Chef Tomer Tal tantalizes the senses at his Tel Aviv restaurant, where he beautifully plates regional Eastern Mediterranean flavors and recipes rooted in his Jewish-Moroccan heritage. From the nearby port of Jaffa come deliciously fresh seafood, while Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market supplies seasonal produce to enrich each flavorful dish. Every plate is a story—a visual and gastronomic journey through the tastes, cultures and traditions of this remarkable region.

No.5 : 3 Fils – Dubai

3 Fils has made history by becoming the first restaurant to be awarded the coveted title of ‘Best Restaurant in the Middle East and North Africa’ in 2022. Its unique blend of Asian fusion cuisine, an extensive off-licence selection and an ultra-casual dining atmosphere make it one of the most sought-after eateries in the entire MENA region. With its mouth-watering dishes and unparalleled atmosphere, 3 Fils is a definite must-visit!

No.4 : Ossiano – Dubai

Experience an unforgettable night like no other: step into Ossiano and descend a grand sweeping staircase, into a mesmerizing dining room positioned nearly inside an impressive aquarium, featuring a breathtaking view of swimming sharks, enchanting Finding Nemo extras and more. From the grand theatrical atmosphere to the delicacy of chef Gregoire Berger’s tasting menu, each component plays an important role in your journey. The impeccable service is also flawlessly choreographed, making it an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

No.3 : Fusions by Tala – Manama (The Best Restaurant in Bahrain 2023)

Tala Bashmi is an extraordinary young Bahraini chef whose innovative reimagining of Middle Eastern cuisine has earned her the Best Female Chef in the Middle East and North Africa Award 2022. At her celebrated eatery in Manama’s iconic five-star Gulf Hotel Bahrain, she blends together childhood memories and traditional flavors with a bold and modern twist. Experience Tala’s incredible culinary talent and explore a truly delightful gastronomic journey.

No.2 : Trèsind Studio – Dubai

Experience the performance of dining at Trèsind Studio with a memorable theatrical experience. Immerse yourself in the carefully curated atmosphere of the 20-seat dining room as you progress through the tasting menu. As you savor each plate, be transported to different parts of the restaurant with the lights then dimmed for a few courses to heighten the intimate atmosphere. As it’s listed in Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

No.1 : Orfali Bros Bistro – Dubai (The Best Restaurant in Middle East & North Africa 2023 – The Best Restaurant in the UAE 2023)

Unlock the flavors of Orfalis with no limits to what dishes you can make based on what you like to eat. Our mantra is “Rules are meant to be bent and broken while respecting our traditions”. Get ready for tantalizing combinations of art, travel, exotic cultures, Syrian traditions and personal stories – such as our signature fat Greek salad and gazpacho hybrid, the Aleppo Street Bun, and a Levantine-inspired shish barak à la gyoza! Our surprise flavor combinations will have your taste buds jumping for joy.
Best 50 Restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023

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We showed you the best 50 restaurants in Middle East & North Africa 2023. We hope you could find the best restaurant you loved! If you have already decided where to go, we advise you to make a reservation. Many of the restaurants listed are in high demand, especially on weekends. That is why we recommend using the RSRVIT : він дає можливість замовити столик лише в два кліки. Тож, спробуйте спланувати свій наступний відпочинок через RSRVIT because we care about your time. We want to make your life a little easier and guarantee your visit to the best restaurants in Middle East & North Africa!

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