Classy dining option serving Italian cuisine, including pasta & fish dishes, plus wine & cocktails. Zenzero Restaurant & Wine Bar opened in December 2013 to delight the gourmet palate with its sophisticated and contemporary culinary creations. The name Zenzero, which means ginger in Italian was selected by the founders as a tribute to the versatile spice. Zenzero is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur — we invite you to join us in a mouthwatering celebration of Italian cuisine and lifestyle in our elegant dining room. The modern yet cozy atmosphere at Zenzero is enhanced by the aroma of our authentic and refined Italian cuisine, all carefully prepared and presented by our Italian chef. The menu varies according to the season with the desire of always offering both the freshest possible ingredients and a variety of culinary creations to delight and inspire our guests. Our wine list features a wide selection of Italian wines together with others from all around the world — the perfect accompaniment to your meal.


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4.5 out of 5.0
Обслуживание 4.5
Соотношение цены и качества 4.5
Локация 4.5
Чистота 4.5
  • Ivy Yap
    12/06/2023 at 03:27

    A restaurant with the best Italian food, passionate service. Been there so many times, never once disappointed by the service and food provided.

    Thank you zenzero

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  • Alvin Lee
    27/05/2023 at 15:01


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  • Shanty Jeyabalan
    24/05/2023 at 14:57

    It was my experience at Zenzero and it was a wonderful first experience. Mimi made the overall dining experience so easy and comforting. The lamb sausage pasta was delicious!

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  • Esther Liew
    07/05/2023 at 20:21

    Always love Zenzero. Nice ambience with great menu selection, great for anytime of the day. Excellent food and services. One of my favorite dessert “Creme brûlée” has been removed from the new dessert menu but everything on the new menu taste good too.

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  • Esther Liew
    07/05/2023 at 20:16

    Always love the food at Zenzero. Excellent food and services.

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  • Annie Chua
    23/04/2023 at 15:51

    Food is delicious & Very good service

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  • Richard Kovac
    17/04/2023 at 02:42

    We have been to Zenzero before. For this visit the food quality was not as good in the past. Appears to be a new exec chef from our previous visit. Also the service was not as good or attentive. They forgot our tea in the end but charged us for it.

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  • audrey Hon
    03/01/2023 at 14:53

    Service was good. The food rather bland.

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  • Toni Tokich
    23/12/2022 at 11:07


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  • LISA aznil
    03/12/2022 at 07:44

    the food was ok nothing special overpriced..

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  • Lau Yew Sun
    30/11/2022 at 13:15

    All round food is good but price could be more competitive.

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  • Daniel Ang
    20/11/2022 at 18:05

    Delicious food and good services.

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  • Swee Tan Bong
    13/11/2022 at 17:21

    Very attentive and love the cuttlefish appetizer

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  • Marco Chan
    23/10/2022 at 17:45

    Nice food and environment .

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  • Sanjeeev Nanavati
    23/10/2022 at 12:06

    Good ambience. Good service. The gnocchi was a little too soft but the sauce was tasty. Asked for the salmon to be well done but it was not. Flavour and quantity don’t quite match the price.

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  • Swathy Raghavan
    19/09/2022 at 17:22

    Very classy restaurant. It was very neat and organised. Dishes were good though very less options for vegetarian.

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  • Selina Ang
    27/08/2022 at 12:59

    Restaurant environment is good and service is quick and excellent.

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  • Ara H
    14/08/2022 at 16:19

    Beautiful scenery and a romantic, quiet place for couples. The norwegian salmon trout was delicious and the sauce was full of mystery and flavour. Pardon me for not reading the menu description but I figured what they were. The oyster soup was delicious and creamy. The complimentary dessert was decent. The gelato can be improved. It was too soft and kinda melted upon arrival. Other than that, the service was great. Will come back for next meal.

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