Amelia Dubai rising from BEIRUT, one of the top nightlife destinations in the world, AMELIA established its roots as one of Mar Mikhael’s hidden gems, where a 500-years old historical building was revamped and morphed into a refined Lounge Restaurant offering the best in Mixology, Gastronomy and Music. With its reputation for delivering a high standard in hospitality, AMELIA has spread her wings in DOWNTOWN DUBAI, at the iconic ADDRESS SKY VIEW. As you step inside, you transcend into a retro futuristic steampunk inspired theme with a mixture of elegance, feminine atmosphere embodying a mix of aviation with both machinery & sophistication. WE ARE CHEFS taking you on a culinary journey born of Japanese & Peruvian origins; Our menu boasts a finely articulated blend of Nikkei Cuisine with Mediterranean hints and an intense intercultural exchange expressing the diversity of flavours. Guests at AMELIA will journey on a mouth-watering adventure, delicately prepared and cooked to perfection. WE ARE MIXOLOGISTS and proud guardians of this legacy of innovation as we push the outer bounds of mixology with an almost chemical precision, elevating the customer experience to an undeniable standard of excellence. At AMELIA, we awaken the senses and bring our creations to life, whether enjoying a forgotten or modern classic or relishing one of our unique and signature cocktails. WE ARE DJ’s taking you on an epic musical journey; building up the mood through our unique mix of Ethnic, Lounge, Deep Tech, Afro and Progressive House, curated to deliver our guests a profound and definitive experience and make every night at AMELIA an experience to remember. Amelia’s insatiable appetite for bringing people together with a focus on warm service in an uplifting atmosphere delivering a truly unique experience that invokes all senses. Bon voyage


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Обслуживание 5.0
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Локация 5.0
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