Classic Sichuan cuisine in a private setting.
|Chef Deng Huadong is dedicated to showcasing Sichuan’s many flavours, which are indicated on the menu-ranging from yuxiang (“fish fragrant”) to wula (peppery-spice, as opposed to mala, or numbing spice). Situated over two floors in Wan Chai, our Sichuan dining destination for those who appreciate the complexities of cuisine — it’s not all about numbing spice here, though if you want fire this is the place.

About Elite Concepts Group:
Elite Concepts was founded in 1991 to bring high-quality free-standing restaurants to Hong Kong. Under the brilliant leadership of the visionary founder Mr. Paul Hsu it was evolved in dynamic enterprise which transforms innovative ideas into commercial successes. In Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan, the company continues to set the course for hospitality trends in Asia.



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