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Come home to true Italian Pizza at Luce Osteria Contemporanea. Located at the burgeoning culinary hub of Old Malaya, Luce borrows its name and inspiration from the warm lights of imported Pizza wood-fire oven and the bright lights of KL Tower at its very doorstep. Luce offers a wide range of 55 home-made Italian Pizzas alongside a menu complete with classic and rustic Italian dishes. Sit back and sip-in to a variety of cocktails & wines at Luce Bar, as you take-in the majestic beauty of the KL Tower. At Luce, it’s definitely going to be a memorable dining experience. Benvenuto!


Reviews (13)

4.5 out of 5.0
خدمة 4.5
قيمة المال 4.5
مكان 4.5
النظافة 4.5
  • Karunagaran Rajagopal
    02/07/2023 at 10:15

    The best Italian Restaurant I have been. Service was excellent. The food was even better. A gastronomical delight. A must dining place for all those who love Italian cuisine. Luce is a wonderful dining experience. I love the restaurant, the deco n the staff especially. Grazia.

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  • Satyasheel Kaushik
    22/06/2023 at 12:20

    Great place and great food

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  • Alison Chan
    22/05/2023 at 08:40

    Always great food and service here!

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  • Nelly Rais
    26/12/2022 at 17:08

    Food was great!!!

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  • Carol Angel Jackson
    26/12/2022 at 10:59

    Great experience!

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  • Jacqueline Law
    26/12/2022 at 05:47

    I have make reservation at 8.30pm . When I reached there I still have to wait for my table and the waitress still serve the table to others .

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  • Toan Tran
    19/12/2022 at 04:21

    Great place with excellent service and foods. The best pizza but need to eat it there for the full flavor.

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  • Rosanne Wong
    18/12/2022 at 18:03

    Good good with great service

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  • Tomoko Hirata
    05/10/2022 at 09:15

    The food tasted great, the waiters were friendly, and the value for money was excellent.
    I will definitely go back.

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  • Venthan Pillai
    02/10/2022 at 20:41

    Staffs were friendly and knowledgeable of the dishes. Quality and taste of the food is not really there for the price. Could it be because of non Italian prepared my pasta and fish ?

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  • Meyharshnee Gunaseelan
    29/09/2022 at 17:53

    Food was great, ambience was perfect

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  • K DO
    04/09/2022 at 18:12

    Delicious pizzas!

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  • K DO
    04/09/2022 at 15:06

    Great pizza

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