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Happy Hours Everyday!
4pm to 10pm

Come for the tapas… Stay for the drinks!
We are a small team of dedicated F&B role players.
Our Chef has extensive experience with fusion cuisine, our Bar Supervisor is creative, and our Floor Managers have extensive experience in restaurants and bars.
We understand our roles and the importance of working together to make the whole dining experience enjoyable. We may be a new (Nuevo) tapas bar in Lan Kwai Fong, but our goal is to create a community of customers who enjoy high quality food, drinks, and great service!
Our Chef believes that high quality food is a given. However, a great dining experience must involve the senses. The texture of the dish coupled with the smell and taste are important.
The mixture of colors and the presentation of the dish all add up to a visually pleasing and gastronomically satisfying experience.
Our Chef has prepared a primary menu and a secondary menu. His goal is to introduce new menu items regularly on top of weekend specials.
The dining experience at Nuevo will be dynamic and we will seek out new and exciting recipes. We want to offer an exceptional dining experience in a casual environment. We have a full bar with signature cocktails, classic cocktails, and single mixed drinks.

We have a selection of red and white wines from Spain in addition to wines from France and Australia.
Our draft beer selection features Estrella Damm, along with San Miguel, Kirin, and Samuel Adams.
Come and joying us for a great informal dining experience!


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