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Allow all your senses to be seduced, nourished and enchanted at 3BK, where we celebrate contemporary innovation and honour classic inspiration. Global influences are the cornerstone of our seasonally refreshed menu, from the heart of Asia and across Europe, into the Middle East and through Latin America, we source the unique, exquisite and most sought-after ingredients to create signature dishes that capture the eye and delight the palate.


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4.5 out of 5.0
خدمة 4.5
قيمة المال 4.5
مكان 4.4
النظافة 4.5
  • Shilpa Varri
    13/04/2023 at 21:45

    Made my mom’s birthday very very special and memorable… very friendly and amazing service! 😀

    تقييم مفيد
  • Violet
    11/04/2023 at 00:23

    Amazing service ! My husband was out of cigarettes so they sent security guy to the nearest shop to bring them to the restaurant! Always amazing delicious food. Very helpful waiter took time to take pictures of me very good angles like a professional !

    تقييم مفيد 1
  • Elliott Ravenscroft
    11/04/2023 at 00:18

    Top service 11/10 , always fresh food

    تقييم مفيد 1
  • Thaer Aboelsaadat
    04/03/2023 at 19:52

    Terrible service

    تقييم مفيد
  • anar artioli
    15/10/2022 at 20:42

    excellent service and food – the best in dubai and chetty on the cake great
    ambiance !

    تقييم مفيد
  • ricardo ridel
    01/10/2022 at 20:08

    What a complete pleasure it was fantastic staff made my holiday would highly recommend it to anyone who was thinking of going thank you and your staff for helping me have a fantastic time in dubai it’s my first time and definitely will not be my last thank you all again

    تقييم مفيد
  • Rajshri Ghosh
    22/09/2022 at 20:32

    Daljit was really good with the hospitality as it was a surprised birthday celebration & he was very must caring about everything on service. Thankyou

    تقييم مفيد 1
  • peace Nakayima
    16/06/2022 at 15:42

    Good location and view

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