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ASADO In Argentina, Asado is not just a barbecue or cooking method. It is a culture. An institution, a lifestyle, a tradition. The magic of Asado comes alive when we gather together in community. A collection of friends, family and loved ones. With Asado, we cultivate the most important thing of all. Human connection. Asado is a love story to food where the flames not only ripen the meat but enliven through the stories shared over the hearth. The special ingredients to Asado are the shared conversations that bloom and the fire inside keeps burning as bottles of wine are heartily shared in merry cheer. Without the heart of the community, Asado would be like a football game without goals- you’re not hungry anymore yet your heart is not full. Growing up in Argentina, Asado is a fire that burns inside me. It has been a way of life. Over two decades as a chef, I wanted to share the spirit of Asado in the best way I know how. We bring to you Asado in the island I call home: Bali.


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النظافة 4.0
  • Lidor Algreci
    21/05/2023 at 05:35

    Service was great .
    But we’re from Argentina – and the meat was bad especially the grain fed.

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  • Riksa Dewantara
    17/08/2022 at 14:40

    The food, from starter to main courses are great. The ambience was also nice with coole breeze just a little bit dark, it’s hard to read the menu.

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  • Hillary Ureña
    13/08/2022 at 05:47

    Good atmosphere, Really good food !

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