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Longest Happy Hour!
Weekends: 3 – 8pm
Weekdays: 3 – 9pm

A Hidden Gem in Knutsford Terrace!
A maze holds hidden wonders within, and Maze Bar is no exception.

Located in the bustling hub of TST’s Knutsford Terrace, your evening at Maze is sure to unfold like no other. 
This is where the past and future collide. Lined with mysterious glowing symbols that seem to beg you to decode them, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into a time portal to an ancient Aztec temple. 
Luminous as the scenery is, we are more than just a pretty face – we have the substance to back it up.
When you venture into Maze Bar, you’ll enjoy exquisite cocktails, a wine list to suit any palate along with delicious, cosmopolitan foods and more. 

Come Get Dazed at Maze​!
Come for the atmosphere, stay for the cocktails.
With happy hour running from 3pm to 9pm on weekdays or 8pm on weekends, Maze Bar might just be the happiest spot on Knutsford Terrace.
Our cuisines are inspired by all corners of the globe, with both tapas options perfect for sharing and substantial mains available for you to savor.
Whether from food or cocktails, we’re sure you’ll walk away dazed from Maze.
Maze was made to be your new go-to hangout destination. With ample indoor and outdoor seating available, you are sure to find the perfect place to enjoy fresh food along with some great company. Unravel and Unwind​! Whether you want to get dazed or chill out with your friends in a fresh, one-of-a-kind conceptual setting, our cocktail bar and restaurant is sure to satisfy.

Don’t miss out on your place at Maze Bar!
Book your table now and guarantee the best spot for your next night out!


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