Duble Meze Bar combines its unique, peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the city center with the modernized appetizer interpretations by Emre Capa and Arto Ankaralıyan, creating an unforgettable taste. promises experience.

In the menu, which comes out of the double cuisine, the traditional tastes of Turkish cuisine come to life with special touches to the place, offering interesting as well as attractive tastes. The flavors that take their place in the appetizer plates inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East, Anatolia and the Balkans are always renewed according to the season and freshness. Local products used in double mezes are cooked with the latest techniques brought by the modern age.

Seasonal flavors with ingredients from the region…

The appetizer bar, approximately 10 meters long, located in the heart of Duble, can be used by those who want to eat or order more than 40 appetizers. Duble, which has many unique appetizers on its menu, from ‘Sea Bass with Mustard’, ‘Paçanga with Goat Cheese’, ‘Smoked Pepper Borani’ and ‘Kokoreç Bruschetta’, in its cuisine that differentiates the familiar appetizers, ‘Kumpir Seafood Casserole’, ‘Pasta Pickle’, ‘Tahinli’ Eggplant’ is quite assertive with its plates like ‘Grilled Tongue’.

Duble, with its atmosphere that makes you feel all the energy, and the terrace that offers peace with the hidden beauty of the peninsula, is a candidate to become the favorite of the new season in a short time! In Duble, which came to life with the design of Ufuk Alparslan, the founder of Darc Architecture, while the minimal touches and natural textures, as well as predominantly wood, draw attention, the urban lifestyle created with an elegant ambiance combines with a warm atmosphere.


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