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Longest Happy Hour!
Daily 4-10pm

Step into Gate and discover a futuristic sci-fi themed nightclub unlike anything else that can be found in Lan Kwai Fong. When you arrive here, you’ll be greeted by a glowing archway emblazoned with radiant symbols.

After you’re pulled into the “star gate”, you’ll be ensconced in what looks like a star ship about to propel you into another plane of existence. This is the Gate experience. Whether you’re on a solo exploration mission or come in peace with your crew, you’ll be sure to love our bar snacks.

The perfect complement to your cosmic cocktail, our food is created with love in our kitchen and perfect to share. While the space at Gate bar is out of this world, our cocktails and mocktails will set your phasers to stun.
The best part? Gate night club has one of the longest happy hours in Central Hong Kong, starting at 4pm and lasting until 10pm every single night. Inside, you can be enveloped in the luminescent environs of an interstellar spaceship. Outside, your party can revel in the sights and sounds of LKF with a beaming backdrop.

No matter what brings you aboard Gate, you’ll get some of HK’s finest hospitality in conceptual surrounds you won’t find anywhere else. Dance Among the Stars! Blast off with regular DJs delivering the slickest beats and hottest hits straight from the charts to our dance floor.

Open ‘til late, you’ll crash back to Earth having danced among the stars. Don’t miss out on your spot aboard the Gate!

If you want to get the best seat for your otherworldly experience, make sure you reserve your table in advance!


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