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Weekday Set Lunch: from 12pm to3pm Buy One Get One Free! Weekday Happy Hour: from 4pm to 8pm It’s Super Monday! Buy One Get One Free on all Mains (From 6-10pm for Dine-in Only) It’s Burger Tuesday! Order your favorite “Frango Burger” & get a 2nd one Free! (From 6pm to 10pm for Dine-in Only) Thursday Special: All You Can Eat 🔥 Flame Grilled Piri Piri Chicken 🔥 for just $168! (From 4-9pm for Dine-in Only) Weekend Sport is back! We have LIVE AFL/NRL and FOOTBALL action from 12pm onwards on both Saturday & Sunday. Weekend Brunch Menu! From 12pm to 4pm on Saturday, Sunday & Public holidays Our Brunch menu includes Eggs Benedict, Breakfast Burger, Big Breakfast, Toasties and much more! Make it the perfect weekend meal with our 2 hour Free flow for just $198! Hong Kong’s first ever fiery Piri-Piri chicken concept. Located in the fiery heart of SOHO, Central HK. Offering delicious flame-grilled fare, and our love for the Piri-Piri chili. Our chicken is marinated for 24 hours in a mixed blend of house spices, which includes the use of Piri Piri (bird’s eye chili), before it is grilled and served hot. At Flaming Frango, we fire grill our chicken, to ensure the flavor of the Piri-Piri and the moisture of the chicken is locked in to every bite. Following our love of the Piri-Piri chili, we are also known in Hong Kong for the Piri-Piri Chocolate Martini, a chocolate vodka concoction with a spicy twist! Our signature dishes include: Piri-Piri Chicken, Piri-Piri Chicken Wings, and the Flaming Frango Chicken Burger, served with a side of Piri-Piri fries and homemade Coleslaw.


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