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Happy Hours!
Monday – Friday 4m to 7pm

Saturday Oysters!
HK$ 138 – 6pcs (all day long)

Weekend Brunch!
Saturday & Sunday 11:30am to 4pm

Enjoy modern takes on classic Belgian and French dishes at Belgos!
Moules frites are a must, and aside from the traditional European preparations, you can get renditions inspired by Thai and Sichuan cooking.
Also worth trying is the waterzooi – a Flemish stew made with assorted seafood and vegetables.
In true Belgian spirit, the restaurant offers more than 30 premium beers to enjoy with your food!


Reviews (3)

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  • amanda chan
    25/06/2022 at 12:12

    There was a catch up explosion . The catch up was all over my hair and clothes. The waitress was helping cleaning up but that’s it. I was surprised no one really feel they need to compensate on some way or properly say sorry to the customer.

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  • Susanna
    28/05/2022 at 17:15

    Your music is way too loud. More like a club than a restaurant/bar. I can barely listen to my friends speaking.

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  • Florence
    21/05/2022 at 15:15

    Good food and friendly staff.

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